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Hydir acting in Testimoni Episode 7

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Hydir interviewed by TODAY

Here's an update from Hydir at the Fan Page -

Interviewed by 'TODAY' newspaper after the auditions with photographer taking photo of me auditioning... I was surprised that they actually wanted to interview me.. haha!! " this never happen before....", the auditioner said ... :)

 He auditioned for Lasalle College Of Arts under Pop Music Performance, Pop Vocals.

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Hydir in LASALLE College of Arts

Hello Hydiryfics! GREAT NEWS FOR HYDIR! He entered Lasalle College of Arts! Here's a status update from Hydir at the Fan Page - Hey Fans!! I'm relieved....It has finally paid off as I managed to enter LASALLE College of Arts ~ Determining my future.. Commitment is a must. Continue giving me your support, I really need them:) Love, Hydir..

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Hydir Idris & Thaqif - Usah Lepaskan (Cover)

 Here's the latest video from Hydir. Enjoy!

Memories of some 2009 Events/Gatherings

Hydir joined Hydiryfics to watch Rapsodi Hitz 2009 LIVE!
BBQ With The Stars Gathering. 
Artistes that came were Anugrettes 2009; 
Hydir Idris, Azhar Raz, Kunjung, Catty. 
An actress; Lydia from Suria joined in too! :)

Hydir performing at Expo 
19 November 2009

Beraya Di Rumah Hydir Idris
Hydir had an open house for Hydiryfics
It was our 1st time meeting one another! 
Everyone was shy but they became active when Hydir started singing!

Hydir performing at aLIVE 2009, outside Masjid Darul Aman

Dude Herlino Event

To those of you who's going to this event, ENJOY yourselves
Do take pictures, record videos and share with us! :)

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