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On 5 April 2010.

Hey guys! Hope you all doing good:) I will be occupied for three days straight starting from today with shooting for the latest drama in Suria 'Ratna' (Don't forget to miss it!), vocal recording of my own composition the next day and radio interview with Ria 89.7fm the day after. Thanks for all your support guys! Appreciate it very much:) Love, Hydir Idris

Hey guys! I will be performing selawat badriyah,with the aLIVE Kids at Expo this coming Saturday @ 10am. Those who are willing to listen to the wonders of selawat,do come down & give support to the growing children! Thank you

Guys, give me the support that i need and you will hear more of me, again, but this time, no more in Anugerah aite... I'm doing this from the bottom of my heart for those who supported me and those who have been supporting me till now. You guys will hear more of me, INSYA'ALLAH..~ :)