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Meet Hydir Idris & Ratna!

Info from Ratna Fanpage:

Here's details about the 4PM Family Day where RATNA will be making an appearance:

Location: Field in front of Blk 606 Bedok Reservoir Road
Date : 18th July 2010
Time : 4pm to 7pm

RATNA will be performing from 4 to 5pm. After that, there will be an autograph-taking session. :D

See you there! 
PS: Please take note that Hydir Idris will be there too!

Tribute Video for Hydir Idris

Here's the video Zul made specially for Hydir Idris! 
& guess what? Hydir cried after watching this video! 
Will upload the video next time :) 

latest updates

Please take note that there are 2 LATEST things going on now. 

1. Email  "I'm a Hydiryfic" to hydir.idrisfc@gmail.com
Why? We have something in mind and we want ALL of YOU to be involve in this! 
We'll reply your email with the full infos :)

2. There's a gathering with Hydir Idris. Infos below this post :)


Upcoming Gathering with Hydir Idris infos: 

When: 18 June, Friday
Time: 6 - 8.30PM
Venue: Town area 
Ticket Price: $18 (Including food & door gift) 

Exact venue will be told when you have transferred your money to an admin(Kikora's) account

Interested and confirm going? Email us your Name, Contact

Number & Number of People Going to 

hydir.idrisfc@gmail.com by 15 June 2010. 

You'll have 2 hours 30 minutes of fun and happy moments with Hydir Idris! It's an upclose and personal event! So do come and join the fun! :) See you there! :D 

Hi Hydiryfics! We're really sorry we aren't able to upload Ratna Episode 2 - 6 :( There are some problems with the uploading of Episode 2 and we aren't able to record Episode 3 - 6 due to our personal commitments. We're really sorry! But we hope you guys manage to watch the show :) Give your comments on Hydir Idris's acting! :) 

& please do leave your email at the tagboard or email us at hydir.idrisfc@gmail.com
There's someting we got in mind. & we need ALL of you to be involved! :) What is it? Email us to find out! Please play your part to make this happen. Thank you! 

Do add Hydir Idris II at Facebook! That's where he will update more :) 
To those who have not join Hydir Idris Fanpage, do join here - http://facebook.com/Hydiryfics

Ratna Episode 1

Hello Hydiryfics! Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been busy so we just manage to upload Ratna Episode 1. We'll upload Episode 2 soon :)

Hydir @ Expo, 10 April 2010

 Here's the video of Hydir at Singapore Expo on 10 April 2010 to perform Selawat Badriyah 

By the way, Hydir updated his personal blog! http://peaceloverespecthydir.blogspot.com/